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February 2005

Klaus and Peter meet in Esbjerg, Denmark and soon find that they share a great passion for old school 80's heavy metal.
They decide to start a band and soon Søren joins in and the trio starts jamming old 80's metal evergreens. All three have spend years in various rock and metal bands, and now they start from scratch in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. At one point they appear as an Accept cover band by the name of "London Leatherboys".

The band still needs a singer and a guitar player, and after trying out a couple of candidates the right man for the job is found. Lars starts out as the lead singer, but since it seems impossible to get the guitar out of his hands he gets the guitarist job as well.
Now the band starts writing songs, and as melodies and heavy riffs fly from the rehearsal cellar, a clear musical profile emerges at the end of the year. - Classical heavy metal with lots of power and melody.
On a long list of potential band names "MERIDIAN" seems to be the one that perfectly match the band and its musical direction.

By March 2007 the band enters CB-studios in Holsted, Denmark www.cbstudios.dk to record its debut release.
The EP entitled "All The World's A Cage" is released in the summer of 2007, and is recieved by several fine reviews. By august Lars is moving to Copenhagen to study. He stays in the band, but only as the singer, and Sørens brother, Torben Atzen joins the band on guitar. The rest of the year is spent writing and rehearsing.

The band takes some time to move into the new luxurious Meridian HQ.
During the summer Lars is temporarily leaving the band to concentrate on his studies. The band try out different singers, but Lars' unique voice and personality is hard to replace and by september the man is back and the Meridian sound is intact.
At the same time Torben is leaving the band to follow a more rock'n'roll direction.
Shortly after JS joins as the new guitarist, and the new lineup is hard at work on a killer setlist for a soon to come live debut.

The band spent the winter and spring writing new songs and building a reording studio in the Meridian HQ. During may the band got bandbase.dk and Sennheiser's "The Blue Box". A set of professional studio mics, for free use for a month. Five songs were recorded and reseased as the demo cd "Inside The Machine".
In april the band had it's live debut, and the release of "Inside The Machine" was celebrated with a concert in the hometown, Esbjerg.
Shortly after, Søren decided to leave the band for personal reasons, and was replaced by Steffan Pedersen.
The band finished the year with a couple of shows and returned to HQ with a lot of ideas to lots of new music.

(Meridian, 2010)